The Best Healthy Food Places Near UCL, London

Being a student in London, it can be hard to find not eye-wateringly expensive yet also yummy and nutritious lunch options around central, particularly around UCL (Warren Street). Here are my top picks if you’re looking for a healthy library lunch break!

  • Planet Organic

This is my regular go-to, as they do student discount too, making it easier on your wallet. There are so many options, ranging from sushi to salads and a hot food counter. They also have a huge variety of hot drinks – their hot chocolate is so warming and rich!

  • Pure

This is a chain all around London, but is pretty reasonable given the range and kinds of food they offer. Think salads and hot dishes. They also do sweet treats!

  • Ethos foods

I love Ethos! The concept is a pay-by-weight buffet selection, with a variety of entirely vegetarian dishes – their scotch egg is famous! It can easily add up if you pile your plate full of heavy items (i.e. 5 Scotch eggs), but if you’re crafty with it, you don’t have to pay a huge amount here. Don’t miss out on the dessert area either because everything is divine!

  • Maple & Fitz

This is quite a hidden gem in my opinion, with really delicious and inventive salad options and seasoned protein options. It is incredibly healthy-feeling and trendy inside, but there isn’t much seated space so is probably best to grab lunch and take it away!

I hope this list helps if you’re heading to the UCL area and are looking a some tasty, healthy and affordable lunch!

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