REVIEW: Bulk Powders Protein Baking Mixes – Brownies, Cookies, Muffins, Flapjacks

We all know I am a fantastic baker, but I do love to try out baking mixes every now and then to see if they’re any better than what I can make (usually they’re not obv). But I found myself continuously looking at the Bulk Powders baking mixes on their site so I decided to bite the bullet and try them out.


Protein Brownies

This was the first Bulk Powders mix I tried, and I was really impressed. I found it tasted super good and not protein-y (although my mum would disagree), but I’d recommend adding chocolate chips for that yummy melted chocolate gooeyness. Also – I wouldn’t cook them for as long as the instructions recommend or you’ll get quite a rubbery texture.








Protein Chocolate Flapjack

These have a truly yummy flavour by themselves, so I don’t think you need to add much to them. However, I wanted it to be quite a true flapjack vibe so I added chocolate chips and flaked almonds. Again, I’d recommend you to bake these for less time than is recommended. Also, if you’re looking for a classic oaty flapjack, this isn’t the one for you as these are far more like a brownie/cake texture than a flapjack. Another pointer is to eat these asap (not an issue for me) because, after a day, they go quite hard.

Protein Cookies Chocolate Hazelnut

I was really sceptical about these because I truly believe that my protein cookie recipe is the easiest and tastiest cookie recipe out there. However, I wanted to size up the competition. From the outset, I found the smell of the mix quite weird and offputting (a little like popcorn mixed with Nutella in a not great way), but if you can look past this, then you’re all good. I also recommend adding milk or water to thin out the mixture as it gets way too stiff and not mouldable. The cookies bake really quickly, so keep an eye on them and don’t forget they’re in the oven! They also increase in size. When I tried the first one, I was shocked by the texture – it was so fluffy and didn’t taste like protein at all! I think next time I purchase these, I am going to add chocolate chips to the mix to elevate it to the next level, but I was really impressed. Like the flapjacks, just a note that they do harden so are definitely tastiest once they’re just out of the oven.

Protein Muffins Chia Chocolate

I was weirdly least excited about these because I love to munch on cookies but never tend to go for a muffin. However, the chia idea intrigued me and I wanted to see how yummy these would be. As I began making the batter, I realised that it was super dry and so you really do need to add a whole lot of milk and water – far more than is recommended. Another thing to note is that the muffins rise – so don’t overfill the muffin cases! You can definitely squeeze 14-15 muffins out of this mix, not 12! And again, you don’t have to cook it for as long as the site recommends  These don’t taste at all protein-y and are really delicious (bit dangerously so!)

I hope this helps and that you get yourself some yummy baking mixes!

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