September Favourites: Fitness, Food, Wellness

This month has been super busy as I’ve been travelling to New York and have also started my final year of university! Here are my top 4 foodie favourites for the month!

  • FUEL 10K Porridge Pot: I think I’ve added this in a previous monthly favourite, but this was perfect for when I was travelling to New York and wanted an easy but yummy, protein-filled breakfast. I tend to add a banana to it because I love the combo of banana and chocolate and it adds nutrients to the meal!
  • Cocoa + chocolate biscuits: I am OBSESSED with Cocoa Plus, their chocolate is honestly just divine. Their biscuits are my all-time favourite things though and are seriously addictive.
  • Flat whites with almond milk: I went without coffee for a while, but I have recently started having it again and it really does brighten my day as I love the taste. Flat whites are my fave and there are so many great independent cafés around London (and New York!)
  • Roar Nature Chocolate Granola: This granola is so tasty, it is far too easy to finish the whole pack through just snacking on it endlessly, but it’s also protein-packed and flavourful!

I hope you try some of these faves out soon!

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