The 3 Best Protein-Filled On The Go Breakfasts To Buy

Since starting my full-time internship, I have often found myself low on time in the mornings, especially if I do an early morning gym sesh or class. Sometimes I even go straight from the gym class to work, so need something quick and easy for breakfast which will fuel me and keep me full until lunch. These are my top picks for breakfasts you can grab and put in your bag and eat once you get to work, which will give you that protein hit you need after a workout!

Oomf protein oatsI really like these, they’re a lower cal (if that bothers you) alternative to the Fuel pots, but I’ve only tried the chocolate so can’t tell you about the other flavours! I love to add banana in them and then munch them at my desk.

Fuel Protein oatsvery similar to the Oomf option, but these come in more flavours and are just as tasty! Maybe a little bit more chocolatey which I personally do love.

Fage small yoghurt pots: These are so handy and you can buy these in most supermarkets. They are fab for giving you a quick protein hit and you can get them flavoured too. If you buy yourself some berries or a serving size of granola to go with it, it can be a really delicious breakfast!

I hope these tips helped you out!


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