5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Freshers Week

Freshers Week is definitely a time where you should be enjoying yourself and not worrying about health and fitness, however if you want to avoid the Freshers 15 (which I certainly dealt with and did not enjoy), there are some super simple steps you can take, all the while enjoying this new experience!

  1. Batch cook your meals every Sunday. If your Freshers ‘week’ was like mine, then the whole period actually lasts around 2-3 weeks. So, if you’re super invested into staying healthy (and saving money), try and meal-prep a bit. This means you’re less likely to Deliveroo food when you’re hungover in the morning as you’ll have food right under your nose, and your food choices will be better too.
  2. Home workouts! Freshers week is manic, so you may not find yourself prioritising hour-long workouts in the gym. Don’t worry though – if you still want to get a sweat, or even just a bit of movement, in your day, then try some YouTube workouts! There are so many, from ab circuits, HIIT sessions and even yoga flows. I love Cat Meffan and Madeleine Shaw for yoga, and Blogilates for abs, or Katie Austin for more high-intensity workouts.
  3. Keep hydrated. Hydration is KEY, especially if you’re going to be drinking a fair bit of alcohol during this time. Make sure you’re drinking water whenever you can, and even try and get a glass of water each time you get an alcoholic drink to help both your body and hangover.
  4. Focus on protein and veggies when eating out. You’ll probably be going out for meals while meeting new people, so you don’t want to be confining yourself to your room and just eating your meal prep. You can definitely still go out for meals and pick healthy choices! If you’re focusing on lean proteins and veggies, all the while obviously treating yourself too, you’ll be just fine!
  5. Eat fruit as snacks. Snacks are the best, especially when you’re on the go and just want a quick fix. But instead of grabbing a chocolate bar, try and keep fruit, or even protein bars, on you so you don’t end up choosing something less nutritious. I have a blog post here on my favourite protein bars, as well as so many covering my favourite ‘healthier’ snacks.

Most importantly though, ENJOY your time and don’t stress too much!

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