Fitness Class Review:Lomax Blast Class Cocoon

I have long been a fan of the original Lomax, in Chelsea, so when I heard about the opening of Lomax Cocoon in the City, I was keen to try it out. Read about my experience and thoughts of the Blast class below!

Firstly, the location is ideal, especially if you work around Moorgate. It is within the “Cocoon Networks” which seems to be some kind of office space, so can be a little tricky to find. This also means that the showers and toilets aren’t the kind of luxury you find in Lomax Chelsea, with no hair straighteners, but they’re definitely usable and the PTs will give you toiletries if you ask for them.

In terms of the class itself, I really enjoyed it. It was basically the same setup as the Blast class in Chelsea – you’re in a pod each, and you do supersets or trisets which recruit the full body, using weights, and really get your heart rate up.

I definitely left feeling like I had well and truly done my workout of the day – the class even overran by about 10 minutes, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth!

All in all I enjoyed my experience at Lomax Cocoon and will return, I just wish the shower facilities were as luxurious as the Chelsea outpost!


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