5 Health & Fitness Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

New health and fitness related podcasts are popping up left, right and centre, as more and more entrepreneurs are realising the value of this type of media for spreading their message. I have listened to my fair share of wellness podcasts, as I love to go on long walks or cook while absorbing new information, so I have rounded up my 5 favourites for you!

Ben Coomber Radio

Chances are you’ve listened to one of Ben Coomber’s podcasts before, as he is very widely-known in the fitness-sphere. However, I wanted to give him a mention as his is one of my go-to shows when I want truthful, no BS answers to fitness-related questions. He features a host of really interesting guests too, from Instagram sensations Zanna van Dijk and Hazel Wallace, to sleep expert Nick Littlehales.

Business Meets Fitness

This is a relatively new discovery for me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on all the episodes. It is incredibly informative but the amount of information given is not overwhelming, and Lauren features subjects such as weight training for females, optimum nutrition and amenorrhea (its link to fitness is definitely not discussed enough).

Fit & Fearless

This is another recent find of mine, but I find it to be one of the more uplifting and empowering fitness podcasts for females. Tally, Zanna and Vic explore really interesting topics, which, even if they aren’t relevant to me right now (such as pre and post-natal fitness), are fascinating to listen to.

Talking Tastebuds

I adore Venetia Falconer – I think she is a fantastic interviewer, as she always manages to get her guests to discuss what they are truly passionate about. I also love the format of her podcasts – she always starts by asking the guest what they had for breakfast that morning, and finishes by asking them their ideal last meal (as well as giving each guest a more tailored quick-fire round, which is really entertaining). Time seems to fly by when I listen to this podcast – one of my favourite episodes of hers was her recent interview with Melissa Helmsley.

The Lifestyle Edit Podcast

This fits more into the wellness/entrepreneurial side of the podcast world, but I think it’s worth a listen – she features really inspiring and fascinating women in the wellness world, such as Lily Simpson, who created The Detox Kitchen and super-blogger Madeleine Shaw. It is amazing to hear these incredible women discuss their experiences and tips for making it in this business.

I hope you give some of these podcasts a listen and learn some new things for them! Let me know your favourite fitness and health podcasts.

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