5 Spreads And Dips That Are Easy To Make At Home

I’ve been there – you see the tiny £3 packet of three carrot sticks and a small dollop of hummus and you’re tempted as you want a healthy snack to power you through the day. But imagine if you could get ten times that amount for the same price, as well as controlling the ingredients so no nasties get involved?! You can – make it yourself! I know it seems really complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy. I’ve put together my favourite spread and dip recipes that are super easy to make at home and end up being far healthier and cheaper than those store-bought alternatives.



Hummus is such a versatile dip – you can much on carrots with it, or tortilla chips, or even use it as a dressing on a delicious Mediterranean salad. However, it can contain added sugar and preservatives if store-bought. My favourite online recipes for hummus are: this classic hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, or this edamame and avocado hummus (unusual but a great way to get the greens and healthy fats in!).

Chocolate Hazelnut butter (basically Nutella)

There is no denying that Nutella is incredibly delicious, but if you’ve seen that diagram which depicts how much sugar is actually in a tub of Nutella (it’s shocking so I haven’t posted it here but feel free to Google it and be gobsmacked), you’ll want a slightly healthier version. Luckily, it’s really not that hard to re-create a hazelnutty and Chocolatey spread, and you can monitor the amount of added sugar that goes into it, ensuring it’s just to your taste! I love Deliciously Ella’s version. This one is amazing too.


I love tzatziki – it might not be as famous as hummus or guacamole, but it is absolutely delicious on a summer’s day. It is basically yoghurt, cucumber and mint. But again, if store-bought, you guessed it, you don’t know exactly what’s in it! This is a dairy-free recipe so uses coconut yoghurt instead of natural yoghurt (which is delicious too), but feel free to use low-fat Greek yoghurt for more of a protein hit.


This is one I only discovered recently, but I love it as it really satisfies me and I enjoy adding pomegranate seeds on top. This is a fab recipe, as is this one from Two Real Foodies.

Almond butter

Almond butter is fab, I love it on porridge, apple slices, in smoothies, you name it – I love it! However, I have found it to be incredibly expensive most of the time, especially in Spain! So making it is a really savvy option. This is a really in-depth post on how to make it, and this recipe is fab too.


This might be the easiest dip on this list to make – you literally just mash up an avocado and add some olive oil, any spices you may like and any other add-ons you feel. But again, it really can be filled with so much crap if you buy it at a supermarket. There are so many great recipes out there, but a couple are this one or this one which has a few more ingredients but is super delicious.

I hope this post has inspired you to start whipping up your own dips and spreads – it really is that easy! Comment below with any other ideas you may have!

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