Fitness Class Review: Frame Farringdon TRX TRAIN

I am always up for trying out new workout studios in central London, as it’s handy to know which ones are worth a visit and which are best avoided! Read on for my in-depth review of the TRX TRAIN class at Frame in Farringdon!

I was very intrigued by this class, as TRX classes aren’t usually my thing and I don’t tend to book them – the closest I’ve come to doing one has been when TRX exercises are included in Lomax’s Blast class (I reviewed that here). However, my sister was keen to try it and so I decided to join her.

First of all, Frame is a really cool studio. I’d describe it as Core Collective’s younger, more outlandish sister. The studio itself is quite small however they do a huge variety of classes.


The class itself was around 40 minutes with a warm up, cool down and 30 mins of proper work. It was divided into three sections: 10 minutes of floor work with a partner performing exercises like sit-ups, mountain climbers and glute bridges, 10 minutes on the TRX itself doing rows, jumping lunges and pistol squats, and finally 10 minutes of sprinting on the rower. I wasn’t expecting the format of the class to be like this and for the actual TRX portion of the class to be so small and so was a little disappointed, but the partner work was a bit of fun. The rower sprints were really hard as they were something I wasn’t used to and certainly wasn’t expecting, so I wonder whether this class should be named something slightly different?

Nevertheless, I got a good sweat on and left feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead! Also, the showers are lovely and they have GHD straighteners!

Have you tried a class at Frame? Have you ever taken a TRX class?

For my round-up of the best classes in London have a read of my post here!

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