The 8 Best Cheap Fitness Studios in London

London has so many incredible fitness classes to choose from, however the prices can be ridiculously high, making you feel less inclined to splash the cash on them. Luckily, I’ve tried almost every class out there and have rounded up the best intro deals so you can get access to these amazing classes while on a budget!

F45: F45 studios are popping up left, right and centre at the moment and their intro offers are amazing value, especially given that one class costs around £25! The Fulham branch offers 7 days’ unlimited classes for £19, and the Shepherd’s Bush, Paddington and Tottenham Court Road all offer 7 days for £20.  

Un1t: A similar kind of workout to F45, they do an, again, similar offer of 7 days for £20. There’s one in London Bridge and one in Fulham.

Sweaty Betty: There are Sweaty Betty stores all over London, and it might not be the most well-known way of getting a free workout, but most of them hold weekly workout classes, be it barre, bootcamp or pilates. It’s definitely worth contacting your local Sweaty Betty store to find out what they offer – I know the Fulham Road one used to do Sunday morning yoga!

Lululemon: Similarly, Lululemon offers free classes in its stores. My favourite is the Sunday morning yoga on Duke of Yorks’ Square on the King’s Road – sometimes masses of people turn up, but it is always super relaxing and the best way to start a Sunday!

KXU: KXU is a super fancy gym, and is the workout class outlet of the member’s gym KX. Their trainers are incredible and the classes are normally £28, so their intro offer of 2 classes for £25 is incredible.

Kobox: I’ve written a full review of Kobox here, but their intro offer is fantastic too – two classes and a set of wraps for £25 is fab, and the wraps are really useful just to have!

Lomax: Again, here is my full review of these amazing classes. They offer a first class totally free which is such a bonus in the minefield of super expensive gym classes all over London, especially given its location – right in the middle of Chelsea! They also recently opened a Lomax Cocoon in the City.

Power Yoga Company: A little different to the other studios I’ve mentioned, but The Power Yoga Company in Fulham is my favourite yoga studio in London, and their intro offer of 3 classes for £15 is honestly amazing given how fab the classes are. Also, they do student discount!


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