HIPCHIPS, Soho: London Restaurant Review

I am a crisp fanatic and will never say no to a bag of yummy crisps, so when I discovered HIPCHIPS, I was super excited! Here are my thoughts…


HIPCHIPS is a really original concept – you choose a box size and it gets filled to the brim with deliciously salty (or sweet and cinnamony) crisps. To go with them, you can select a choice of their inventive and tasty dips. As it is quite a niche idea, I wasn’t expecting it to be that busy, and I went at around 6.45pm on a weekday as well, but it was surprisingly buzzy!

My first reaction was that there were SO MANY crisps in my box – I have a huge appetite and always clear my plate, but I did get full! The dips are also delicious but quite heavy and can get overpowering, so I found myself feeling full pretty quickly.

The flavours of the dips were really interesting – the selection when I visited included vegetable ceviche, coronation chicken sauce, lime and avocado mayo and babaganoush. They also have sweet dips which you can get with the cinnamon-covered crisps, which included chocolate mousse! I am just such a traditional crisp lover that I gravitated towards the savoury options.


I had such a lovely evening with my friend as we sipped on prosecco and munched on the yummy crisps!

Overall, I will definitely be back for drunk food OR to pick up snacks to go to and see a film – I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather take into a cinema with me!

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