The 5 Best Healthy Delivery Restaurants in London

If you’re feeling lazy or a super sort on time and haven’t meal-prepped, don’t fret! There are more healthy restaurants than you can name in London, and a large number of them do food delivery. Here are my favourites – while some are limited to the area you live in, I’ve made sure to include some larger chains to ensure you’ll have one near you!


This is a South Kensington favourite. It may not be cheap, but I love the concept of the make-your-own salads, and the treats at the counter are also super yummy. You can find them on Deliveroo too!

Good Life Eatery

There are two of these, so the chance of you being able to get this place delivered to you is higher. You’ve probably heard of this place if you’re a switched on wellness Londoner, as this place was one of the healthy food café pioneers. But if you haven’t, it’s essentially the perfect place for the nutritious food lover – they offer vegan and non-vegan options. I love their bowls, where you can choose the protein and the grain. The flavour combinations are delicious, and I recently tried their turmeric and carrot fritters, which I was so pleasantly surprised by! (pics on my Insta if you are intrigued).


This is a super convenient one – there are Tossed stands everywhere, so you are likely to have one near you. They do fab smoothies, as well as delicious salads with really yummy ingredients. It isn’t ridiculously expensive either, and you can find all the nutritional info online if you’re a macro tracker.


Another chain option, I keep seeing more and more Crussh cafés around. I love the energy balls they do, and their hot food lunch options are really great too. I see it as a more health-conscious Pret.


This one’s in Covent Garden, so if you live centrally or want to Deliveroo your lunch and work in central London, then this is a brill option. Their food is genuinely delicious – I could eat it everyday – and the options are varied and flavourful. They do a fish, meat and vegan option, with a selection of salads. I also highly recommend their muffins!

I hope you try out one of these places if you’re desperate for some yummy, speedy but also nutritious food!


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