5 Ways To Keep Active On Holiday

If you make health fitness part of of your daily lifestyle and it’s an ingrained habit for you, it can seem scary to go on holiday and have it all go out the window! But don’t fear, while holidays are the time for relaxing and letting yourself have a break, you can of course keep yourself active too! Here are some great ways to keep your wellness lifestyle in check while enjoying yourself.

  1. Walk everywhere. This is the best way to get to know a new place, and is also fantastic for getting some exercise in too. If you’re away with loved ones, drag them along for some quality time!
  2. Plan activities. If you’re a super active person and love activities, then get planning! If you’re staying by the sea, try out some watersports, or if you are in the countryside then try biking!
  3. Get your exercise done in the morning. If you want to hit up the hotel gym or do an at-home workout, just get up early and get it done in the morning so you don’t need to think about it and can enjoy the rest of your day. There are so many great workouts available on YouTube that you can follow along to.
  4. Pack supplies. There are so many great accessories you can pack with you on holiday to add a little something extra to your hotel room workouts, Resistance bands are amazing and are so easy to pack. You can even add intensity to your workouts by using water bottles as weights!
  5. Don’t stress out. Lastly – don’t stress! This is your time to relax, indulge and enjoy yourself. A couple of days or weeks off the gym won’t make a difference, and could even mean you’ll come back to your lifestyle with even more motivation!

I hope you enjoy your holidays and use some of these handy tips!

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