What’s So Great About The Mediterranean Diet?

There is so much hype about how the Mediterranean diet is the one to follow to make your skin glow and your health radiate. In my opinion, the reason for its popularity is quite simple – the focus is on fruit, vegetables, and whole foods. What are some of the key principles of the Mediterranean diet that make it so healthy though?

Great quality fish (and occasionally meat). Protein is obtained in the Mediterranean diet through fresh fish, particularly salmon and mackerel, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Shellfish is also a large component of the diet, including clams and oysters. Meat is still consumed, but in smaller amounts, and it tends to be lean, or occasionally cured, meats. Upping vegetarian protein sources, such as legumes, is also a great way to implement Mediterranean eating habits.

  1. Consume a variety of in-season vegetables. Seasonal vegetables are a key component of the Mediterranean diet, making up the bulk, or entirety, of most meals. Tomatoes are a key player in this category, as well as courgettes and peppers. Making an effort to consume wholly vegetarian meals is a great way to follow the Mediterranean way of life – vegetable stews or soups are delicious and nutritious ways to up your vegetable intake. Check out my blog post on upping your vegetable intake for more tips.
  2. Fresh fruit. This tends to be a dessert option, rather than sugary, processed sweets and puddings, satisfying those after-dinner sweet cravings.
  3. Olive oil. It is widely known that the Mediterranean diet advocates the regular use of olive oil, whether it be to roast vegetables and fish, or to dress a salad. Nuts, seeds and avocados also make up the healthy fat components of this diet.
  4. General mindset and attitude towards food. The Mediterranean style of eating revolves around communal eating, rather than eating alone in front of a screen. This allows food to be savoured and company to be enjoyed, as well as preventing overeating.

I hope these tips inspire you to try out the Mediterranean diet and see if it suits you!

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