Recipe: 1-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

This is the easiest and most delicious chocolate mug cake recipe EVER which is totally inspired by the most incredible chef The Fit Londoner – I make it every week! It’s a great way to indulge your chocolate cravings while not going overboard and it has incredible macros!

It actually reminds me of those supermarket melt in the middle puddings which are delicious but around 600cals – this one is only 150-200 cals (depending on the chocolate you use etc) and over 20g protein!

I hope you love this super quick 1 minute chocolate mug cake recipe!


You need:

1 egg white

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (around 25g) – Ideal Fit Chocolate Brownie is my fav – SPELT10 gives you 10% off (this is a commission code and link)

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon/1 tablespoon cacao powder (depending how much of a chocoholic you are)

Sprinkle of cinnamon

2/3 tablespoons almond milk

A couple of squares of dark chocolate broken into pieces

  1. Whisk all the ingredients together in a mug
  2. Microwave it in 30 second intervals until it looks cakey enough
  3. If you want it to look like my one does in the picture, tip out of the mug and serve with ice cream! The chocolate chunks make the chocolate sauce on the top!

MACROS: 182kcal, 6.5g fat, 9.3g carb, 20.7g protein

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