How To Eat Well As A Student On A Budget in 5 Steps

This is one of the biggest excuses from students when asked why they don’t eat more nutritious foods: they can’t afford it! But eating well on a budget does not have to be hard, and is totally affordable – it doesn’t mean spirulina and baobab on a daily basis (nor should it).

  1. Buy discounted foods. Before closing, supermarkets always highly discount the foods that will be past their “sell-by” in a couple of days. This means you can pick up some serious bargains: think spinach for 10p and courgetti for 5p!
  2. Buy in bulk. Another smart way to food shop is to do it in bulk. Definitely check before you buy, but it is highly likely that buying a pack of 12 kitchen rolls will be far cheaper than buying them singly or in twos. The same goes for longer-life foods such as potatoes and onions. And, if you buy a load of meat or fresh veg for a great price, you can always freeze it! (more on that later). Another genius, super high-protein and cheap meal idea is to buy a load of tinned tuna – this can cost less than £1 a tub, and has around 30g protein! – and to serve it with some veg and rice.
  3. Buy online. With the likes of Ocado and Amazon now making both obscure and healthy foods readily available for a great price, it is now easier than ever to eat healthy cheaply. For those more expensive snack bars, have a look on Amazon to see if they’re available in a multipack first! Websites such as make this super easy too.
  4. Frozen food. This is a game-changer. If you want super cheap food but don’t want to compromise on quality, say, ensuring the product is organic, buy frozen food! Comparing the price of frozen and fresh berries, or even fish like salmon, will blow your mind. Start buying it frozen – not only will it last far longer, but you’ll save a huge amount.
  5. Promo codes. The internet is full of discount codes nowadays, which can make buying supplements such as fish oil and protein powder much more affordable. Musclefood always has some sort of promo going on too!


  1. I hope these tips have inspired you to start living a more affordable yet super healthy lifestyle!

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