Fitness Class Review: LOMAX Blast Class

The Lomax Blast class at Lomax Chelsea is definitely my favourite exercise class in London, so I thought I’d write up a review about it!

I love how the classes are small (there are 4 “pods”, and you can have max 2 people on each), so you get undivided attention from the great and supportive trainers, and each class is a little different as the trainers get to tailor the class to whatever they specialise in.

The class is divided up into 3/4 circuits, which you repeat 3 times and you usually alternate between doing a weight-based exercise and a body-weight, higher intensity exercise. An example of this would be barbell squats supersetted with squat jumps. I love how the classes incorporate weights and you can tailor the exercises to your fitness/strength level. The fact the class actually takes place in the gym, which is fully equipped with barbells, kettlebells, squat racks etc, means that you can get a really fab workout in.

They also do a great cool-down stretching session afterwards, which I really appreciate!

I tend to do the classes in the Lomax Chelsea outpost, and there is a Protein Haus downstairs which does the most delicious macro-calculated meals and protein shakes!

This is my workout class of choice in London, and if I’m feeling unmotivated or don’t have time to hit the gym, I’ll book myself into a Blast without hesitation!

CHELSEA:Β 293 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PZ and CITY:Β 4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS


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