May Favourites: Fitness, Food, Activewear

May is my favourite month (probably biased as my birthday is in May!), so I am totally adoring all of my favourites that I’ve listed below right now!

    1. Shakshuka/baked eggs.This is currently my favourite thing to order when I’m eating out -I am having such a breakfast food moment and baked eggs are perfect as they are satisfying enough to have for lunch, while also fulfilling that breakfast craving. I love having them with halloumi and chorizo, along with some crusty sourdough to wipe up all the yummy tomato sauce! Megan’s do a fantastic shakshoumi (with halloumi) or shakshorizo (with chorizo).IMG_3985.jpeg
    2. Barebells Cookies and Cream Protein BarOkay so I’ve only had this once this month, but I can’t find it anywhere now and it impacted me so much that I thought I had to mention it! It doesn’t taste at all like a protein bar and is so deliciously indulgent.IMG_3363.jpeg


  1. Cocoa PlusIf you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know
    that I did a ridiculously large Cocoa Plus order, but I am SO glad I did because it’s basically all gone now! The chocolate is divine and, coming from a chocolate lover and connoisseur, I can safely say it has no weird protein-y taste at all! I particularly love the classic Cocoa+ chocolate in the blue packaging, as well as the dark chocolate hazelnuts!IMG_3552.jpeg
  2. F45Ever since F45 came to London, I have been loving it, but this month I have really got into their classes. I went to their Docklands class this week and, despite usually avoiding their cardio classes, I had the best time! I find their classes are ideal for when you’re short on time or de-motivated but want to get a great sweat on – it’s all but guaranteed!
  3. Lululemon Align leggingsIMG_3418.JPGAs it was my 21st birthday this month, all I asked for was some Lululemon Aligns. I was so keen to find out what the fuss was about and see if they were worth the hype and I can honestly say they SO are! They feel like a second skin, are entirely squat-proof and are ridiculously flattering!I know the price tag is upsetting, but I do genuinely think they’re worth it and am now a total convert!


I hope this post has given you some inspiration of new things to try out and that you’ve had a great month!

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