The 5 Best Chocolate Protein Powders

I have tried my fair share of protein powders, usually the chocolate flavour, and thought I’d round up my favourites in a post so you don’t have to try the slightly weirder ones I’ve encountered!

Missfits Whey Chocolate Protein

I love this protein powder, I always have to have some sachets of it in my cupboard. I find that it is perfectly sweet enough and makes delicious smoothies just with some almond milk and banana – I usually need to add cacao but don’t feel the need with this protein.

Strippd Whey Chocolate Protein

This was actually the first chocolate protein powder that I tried, but I really do love it. It creates fab, thick chocolate smoothies and isn’t too sweet! I really want to try their flapjack mix, but haven’t got round to it!

Ideal Fit Chocolate Brownie Whey Protein

I couldn’t not mention Ideal Fit – it is my all-time favourite, as I love the chocolatey flavour that it gives and it is the perfect amount of sweet in my view. I also love baking with it, or making pancakes! I am an ambassador so the code SPELT10 will give you 10% off, and I earn commission if bought through my link – just a head’s up!

Pulsin Plant-Based Chocolate Protein

This is one of my favourite vegan protein powders, as I find it tastes delicious and not chalky or strange. I love making pancakes with this protein – it is definitely chocolatey enough!

Pure Blend Co Cacao Whey Protein

This is more of a recent find, but this protein really is totally delicious and has fab ingredients – literally just whey isolate and cacao powder! They do a great vegan maca and vanilla too.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try some of these protein powders out! Let me know your faves!

Disclaimer: I was kindly provided with some of the products featured in this post in return for my honest review (Pure Blend Co). All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way. Spelt and Spaghetti is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to



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