Fitness Class Review: Nok Out, KXU

This was my second class I tried out at KXU, and, after the success of the first one, I was expecting big things, especially as I’m a bit of a boxing aficionado.

When Simi explained the format of the class – 6 minutes for each section: boxing pads, the floor and the treadmill – I instantly freaked out as I have never been to a treadmill class and have avoided the likes of Barry’s Bootcamp etc out of fear. I am not a runner and do not enjoy treadmills. However, I psyched myself up and decided to go for it. I think the fact I went to the 6.45am class helped as I wasn’t awake enough to know what was going on (lol).

Simi explained the class: we had 3 minutes for each boxing combo, and had to complete floor exercises like burpees and mountain climbers for 6 minutes straight. For the treadmills, we had to increase our speed every minute, which was killer but I actually managed it. I loved the variety in the workout as you couldn’t get bored and your heart rate stayed raised throughout. After the three six-minute intervals, we then had three minutes on each station and had to give it our all to the end, which was super invigorating and got those endorphins rushing through!


Overall, this class was super difficult and sweaty, but I absolutely loved it and felt incredible afterwards, even though it was only 7.30am! I do wish there was a little more focus on the boxing component of the class as that’s what I really love, but I also know that’s personal preference.

Simi’s energy and great vibe kept me going despite the early start, which I have to thank for getting me through the deadly treadmill sections!

Have you tried out KXU yet? What did you think?

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