5 Self-Care Tips for Exam and Revision Periods

I’ve been there, and I will be for one more year (I can’t wait to be done!). Exam time is really stressful and can take its toll on both your mental and physical health, so it’s super important to ensure you take care of yourself. I get really stressed about exams, but here are some tips to help you maintain perspective and stay calm!

  1. Put your phone away. If you’re going to sit down to do a solid half an hour of revision (Pomodoro technique is fab – look it up!), then put your phone away to ensure you can focus. Our phones are a massive distraction and you’ll be so much more efficient if you just put it away until you take a break.
  2. Go to bed early. I find that I’m so much more productive when I have a solid routine set up; this means going to bed early and waking up early, to get the most out of the day. This also is perfect before exams, as if you’ve got a morning exam, you don’t want to be feeling super groggy.
  3. Take a bath. If you’ve had a really stressful day or are feeling totally wiped, let yourself have a bath and put some TV with some candles. This will totally de-stress you. I love to do this the night before exams if I’m feeling super tense.
  4. Podcasts. These are so helpful to me if I want a revision break or simply just want to hear someone else speak – I feel like I can drive myself mad sitting in a room alone all day so it’s nice to listen to someone talk about something I’m interested in.
  5. Exercise. This is SO important for keeping calm and maintaining perspective during exam and revision times. Whether it’s an at-home abs session, a walk around your neighbourhood, or a sweaty gym sesh, it’s so so important to get your body moving! The likelihood is you’ll have been sitting down all day, so your body will be dying to move around, and you’ll be so thankful for the endorphins that will start rushing through your body!

Good luck with the revision and the exams lovelies!

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