The 5 Best Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in London

It is not a secret that London is one of the best cities in the world for vegetarian or vegan fare, however the options can be overwhelming and it is difficult to distinguish between the good places and the more average haunts without trying them out. Luckily, I’ve done just that and created a list of my top 5 vegetarian or veggie friendly restaurants in London that you must visit, regardless of your dietary requirements.

  1. Megan’s. This place isn’t strictly vegetarian, however there are so many incredible vegetarian and vegan options on the menu – I love their vegetarian breakfast, as well as the shakshuka.  I’ve mentioned this place before, so if you want to read more about it check out my post about the best places for brunch in Chelsea and also my post on the best cafés in London.
  2. Ethos. I absolutely love this place for a weekday lunch – it is in central London, walking distance from Oxford Street, and the options are almost endless. It functions on a pay-by-weight basis: there is a buffet of hot and cold food, and you fill up your plate with whatever you please. It can get pricey due to this, but if you choose wisely then you can make it an economical (and healthy!) lunch. When I took my mum here, she didn’t even realise it was a vegetarian place! Definitely leave some space for dessert if you can.
  3. Farmacy. Chances are you’ve heard of this place. It is fully vegan, bar the feature of eggs in a couple of their dishes, but you wouldn’t know it. The food is full of flavour, and I love the different ‘bowl’ options: the Mexican one is my personal favourite. Their desserts are also divine, and are refined sugar free! Their cookie sundae is to die for.
  4. Ceru. Again, not an entirely vegetarian restaurant, however Levantine cuisine lends itself well to vegetarian or vegan diets. The fritters are divine, as is the roasted pumpkin. However, my all-time favourite dish has to be their red pepper and halloumi – I could eat it forever! This is one of my favourite restaurants in London, especially for value.
  5. Wulf and Lamb. This place is relatively recent and is to be found on Pavilion Road, the gorgeous oasis behind Sloane Square. Next to Granger & Co (which is equally as delicious and worth a visit, but not totally vegetarian), Wulf and Lamb prides itself on being entirely vegan. I haven’t yet been for a full meal, although I intend to imminently, but their drinks are delicious (the oat milk they serve as a default with all their hot drinks is so frothy and flavourful! Try the matcha latte), and the cakes are deceivingly good – I don’t understand how they’re vegan, but they are!

I hope you visit these delicious restaurants in London which are more than vegetarian friendly. Let me know if you have any other recommendations, as I love trying out new places!


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