Fitness Class Review: KOBOX, London

I had wanted to try out Kobox for a while as I’m a huge fan of boxing and had heard countless people rave about it. So when I discovered their intro offer (£25 for two sessions with wraps included, which are fab quality!), I jumped at the chance.


My first class was Full Body on a Saturday, and was led by Maciela. She was fantastic, so energetic and encouraging, while also being really informative and ensuring she explained all the exercises thoroughly. I was first struck by how dark the room was and how loud they played the music! If working out in a nightclub-like atmosphere isn’t your thing, I’m not sure Kobox will be your cup of tea.\

My second class was an Abs session and was led by Jesse, who again was really energetic and had a great music taste. I don’t usually train abs by myself as I find it super boring, so I decided to opt for a class in order to fire up the abs a little. I didn’t find it burned the core much, but it did raise the heart rate.

In terms of the actual boxing component of the class, Kobox use a numbers system instead of using the names of the punches (jab, hook, upper cut etc) which did slightly annoy me because I love the intricacies and true techniques of boxing and the different punches.

Another potential downside is that the classes are quite large, so you are unlikely to get much 1-on-1 PT contact or advice, meaning you could be performing the exercises totally wrong and, because each circuit is done by numbers, it was actually weirdly more confusing for me! This was frustrating for me as one of the reasons I love to go to classes is because I like to ensure my form is on point for when I train alone.

In sum, the workout did definitely get my heart rate up and made me sweat A LOT, so it is a fab cardio workout if you’re in the area and want to have a jab (lol) at boxing.  I think £12.50 for a class is fantastic value, however I am not sure I’d pay the full cost of £20 for a class again (mostly due to the lack of 1-on-1 focus during the classes), unless I needed to get a workout in and was in the area.


Have you tried Kobox? What did you think?

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