The 7 Best Healthier Food Alternatives

One of my favourite things to do is try out new ‘healthier’ food alternatives to your typical staples. These have all been tried and tested, and are great if you want to consume more veggies, reduce your caloric intake (they tend to be lower-calorie) or just generally improve your lifestyle!


  1. Cauli Rice. I love carbs and am not saying to cut them all out, but if you want to increase your veggie intake, cauliflower/broccoli rice is amazing to incorporate into your meals. You can make an egg fried cauliflower rice concoction, or serve it with a curry.
  2. Courgetti. Another fab way to up your vegetable intake, this is great to serve with pesto or a yummy pasta sauce, and is very low calorie yet full of nutrients. I love mixing it in with some wholewheat spaghetti to make the meal a little more filling and increase the volume.
  3. Edamame FettuccineThis is a great way to get some plant-based protein in, with pasta alternatives popping up everywhere. I know Waitrose definitely offers green pea or red lentil penne, both of which are delicious – just make sure you don’t overcook them or they can turn mushy! Edamame fettuccine is one of my favourites too.
  4. Vegetable crisps. Crisps are so delicious if you’re feeling a little peckish, but they can be super processed and filled with crap. A great alternative is root vegetable crisps – Emily’s Crisps are amazing, or Hippeas for chickpea puffs.
  5. Butternut Squash Waffles. Another way to get those veggies in – I love pairing these with a poached egg and some avocado in the morning, or with a ratatouille for dinner. Most supermarkets in the UK are now even selling their own brand of these.
  6. Greek Yoghurt as a condiment. This is a total game-changer – fat-free Greek Yoghurt adds a protein hit to the meal, while also being the perfect counterpart to a spicy chilli or a fiery fajita. It’s so much more nutritious and far lower in calories than sour cream. 
  7. Frozen Bananas. When I first tried this, I thought it was pure magic – you just blend the frozen bananas up and they turn into a frozen yoghurt/ice cream consistency. You can add cacao powder, almond milk or whatever you like to get your desired ‘ice cream’ flavour. Seriously, try this!



I hope these healthy alternatives give you some inspiration. I’m not encouraging you to totally cut out the less-healthy originals, but it is fab to know that there are alternatives out there! Do you have any other great healthy alternatives?


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