The 3 Best High-Street Sports Bras

As my Best Leggings post got such fab feeback, I’ve been wanting to write a post on the best sports bras around. Obviously the size of your bust and the type of activity you want to do will affect which sports bra you choose, but I’ve found a few which really stand out for me in terms of quality and fit.

Nike Indy Sports Bra Size M

I love this bra – I find it really flattering (fab cleavage) and also supportive enough to do light cardio. However, I wouldn’t do an intense HIIT session wearing this one if you have a larger chest as it could get uncomfortable. It comes in loads of colours and has adjustable straps, so you can ensure it fits you perfectly.

Gapfit Performance High Impact Sports Bra Size 34C

This is a less flattering sports bra, but I find it to be the most supportive. It fits really snugly, despite me usually being a 32 instead of 34 around my bust, and it holds you in. You’ll be perfectly safe doing HIIT or other jumpy movements wearing this one! I’ve also had it for a while and it hasn’t lost any of its elasticity.

Adanola Black Barre Bra Size Small

This is a recent purchase, however as soon as I tried it on, I knew it would be a favourite. It looks really flattering as it isn’t as bulky-looking as most sports bras are, and it gives fab cleavage. I also love how it has adjustable straps and a back clasp, allowing you to totally control how it fits. I also find it incredibly supportive, as the strap going around your bust is really thick.

I hope you got some sports bra inspo from this post, and if you know of any other great sports bras to try, make sure to leave them below!


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