The 6 Best Online Granola Recipes

I absolutely adore granola, but it is widely known how sugar and crap-laden the store-bought options are, despite how delicious they can be! They are also super calorific and all too easy to eat in copious amounts, not to mention how overpriced they may be. I am a huge fan of making my own granola – I find it really therapeutic and love how I can customise it depending on what I’m feeling, or what I’ve got in my house! Here are my favourite online recipes. Spoiler alert: the majority of them contain chocolate, as I am a self-confessed chocoholic!


Chocolate and Cinnamon Granola

I love this recipe as it is so simple and really does taste fab! I love adding in little dark chocolate chunks which melt into the clusters as they cook and cool.

Rachel Mansfield’s 6 Ingredient Chocolate Granola

This recipe is again incredibly simple, but I love the addition of flaxseed. You can use any nut butter you please!

Healthy Living James’ Wintry Granola

Contrary to the name, I think this granola recipe is perfect for all times of year – it is just deliciously spiced. You don’t need to add the apple if you don’t want to, and feel free to add more mixed nuts for added flavour and texture!

Fit Mitten Kitchen’s Triple Chocolate Granola

I love the addition of protein powder to this recipe as it ups the nutritional profile of the granola. Chia seeds are another great ingredient to include, as they form a gel-like consistency when mixed with water and help the granola to stick together and form those delicious little clusters.

Naturally Sassy’s Cacao and Chia Granola

I adore this recipe – it isn’t too chocolatey, for those who aren’t quite as much of a fan of chocolate as I am, but the sultanas add a perfect hint of sweetness and a different texture to the mix.

Microwave Granola

This is perfect for those who are super short on time and just want to whip up a batch of granola in the morning to sprinkle on their yoghurt or porridge. It is so ridiculously easy and, again, is customisable to whatever you’ve got lying around.


I hope you enjoy my pick of the best granola recipes out there – if you have any you deem worthy of adding to the list, definitely let me know!

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