The 3 Cutest Cafés in Leeds

Since my boyfriend lives in Leeds, I have got to know the area pretty well and make sure I try a new café/restaurant every time I’m there (for blog research, obviously). I have compiled a list of my favourite cafés in this beautifully buzzy city.

Laynes Espresso

I first discovered this place when I was looking for somewhere close to the train station that I could chill in for a while. This café totally served its purpose – it is literally two minutes’ walk from the station and is cosy and chilled, with an even more comfy downstairs (you can sit there for hours on their wifi working and they don’t mind at all!) Their loose leaf tea is delicious, while their food looks amazing. I am so keen to head back there for brunch ASAP!

16 New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 5DL

Bakery 164

I’m told this is a total classic if you’re a Leeds student. It’s more of a grab-and-go place, as they don’t have much of a seating area, but the paninis they do are honestly divine. They have the most inventive mixture of flavours, as well as the classics (think a fusion of Middle Eastern and Italian) . The bread they use is all made on-site and tastes incredibly fresh and truly Italian – the focaccia is to die for! This is also right by the uni campus so is perfect for an on-the-go lunch!

164 Woodhouse Ln, Leeds LS2 9HB



I have both been to this café and Deliveroo’d from there (lazy-as-charged). It is in the Hyde Park area, so perfect for a hungover brunch as that’s the area where all the students live. I am pretty sure it has had a recent makeover, and it looks fantastic inside – really light and modern. The menu options are extensive too – you can get pancakes (which are huge, but delicious), or poached eggs with avocado, and their side dishes are incredibly reasonable and generous – I went for smoked salmon and mushrooms. I have also had their falafel salad which is delicious, as their homemade beetroot hummus is so flavourful!

16 Headingley Ln, Leeds LS6 2AS


I hope this short list helped you if you’re on the lookout for a great café while in Leeds – do let me know if you can think of any others!




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