The 5 Best Healthy-Eating Cookbooks

I adore buying new cookbooks, as it fills me with healthy eating inspiration and encourages me to keep trying new things out in the kitchen. However, with a new healthy eating cookbook being released almost weekly, it is easy to get lost in a haze and not know which ones to head to for reliable, easy but nutritious meals. Here is my list of the top picks out there.

Clean Eating Alice’s Eat Well Every Day

This is a really great book as it gives a little introduction into nutrition and the meals are separated into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There are so many yummy recipes in this book – think courgette fritters, loaded sweet potatoes and smoothies.

Favourite Recipe: I have to give my mum a shoutout with this one because she now makes this recipe weekly! She is obsessed: Griddled Prawn Skewers with a Harissa and Honey Dressing.

The Roasting Tin

This was a newer purchase but I absolutely love the premise of this book: every meal can be made on a one-pan roasting tin. They cover salads, traybakes and even desserts! I haven’t yet tried loads of the recipes, but have stuck sticky notes on almost every page.

Favourite Recipe: Roast Chicken and Red Pepper Traybake – this one is really delicious, the flavours complement each other so well and the peppers almost caramelise while they’re being roasted.

Madeleine Shaw’s Ready Steady Glow

This is such a classic healthy-eating book, but I think for a good reason. Madeleine explains and describes her favourite ingredients and the health benefits of them at the beginning, which helps to create yourself a shopping list. I love how the recipes are divided into “Fast” and “Slow”, so that you can be sure to find something that will work for you in the time you’ve got available.

Favourite Recipe: Her Raspberry and Pistachio Brownies are actually delectable, but a special mention must also go to her chocolate chip cookies – neither of these taste healthy at all!

The Food Medic

This book is a bit of an all-rounder, as it contains a quite chunky section devoted to nutrition and macronutrients, and there’s also a section at the end detailing workouts. This is perfect if you really want to understand nutrition and what our body requires, and what each food is made up of. Her recipes are also delicious – I prefer her main meals over her dessert options, but this book is so worth buying for them. She’s also got a new book coming out, which I’m definitely interested in picking up.

Favourite Recipe: Sticky Soy Roasted Salmon + Aubergine – this is honestly divine. Try it.


This is another super informative book; it is far more than a mere recipe book. As Rhiannon is a Harley Street Nutritionist, the focus of this book is on optimising your relationship with food and preventing you from getting swept away by all the food fads around. She has loads of salad dressing and dip recipes, which I really love as I can end up feeling rather uninspired with salads.

Favourite recipe: Gingerbread breakfast biscuits – I made this as soon as I got the book and looked through it, and they really don’t disappoint.

I hope this list helps you if you’re in the market for a new healthy cookbook! Let me know if you have any other recommendations.


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