Sibuya Review: Sushi in Salamanca

When deciding to study in Spain for five months, I did not expect to be consuming any quality sushi. As a result, I turned my attention to searching for tapas restaurants, with perhaps the odd pizza here and there. However, this all changed when I discovered Sibuya.


Recently opened (in October last year), the decor is funky and stylish, while adding a sense of glamour. You get the feeling you’re in a really nice restaurant. The menu prices, on the other hand, don’t reflect this, which is great. Obviously Salamanca is not an expensive place when it comes to eating out, however, due to the fact that this sushi restaurant certainly stands out in terms of cuisine, they could have upped their prices. I’m so glad they didn’t, as it meant I could try out tons of their dishes (for review purposes, obviously).

The staff were incredibly friendly and eager to please, and even offered to speak English to me. The restaurant also began filling up once it got to around 9.30pm (quite typical for a Spanish restaurant), showing that their name has got out.

I picked the Salmon Maki as I thought I should try out a classic sushi dish, and I was pleasantly surprised with the generous portion of salmon within the sushi roll. I also got the chicken skewers – these were a little chewy, however the teriyaki sauce marinade was really tasty. The group I was with got “The Perfect Combo” to share, which, for only €20, is incredibly good value and is a great way to try a variety of the sushi dishes that they offer. I was very impressed with the presentation of the dishes too – you can see in the photos that everything was very aesthetically pleasing. They also give free edamame for the table, which I really appreciate as I usually order this when getting Japanese food but it tends to be incredibly overpriced.


Unfortunately, I was in a rush so didn’t have time to try out dessert here, but next time (which will be in the not-too-distant future) I am definitely going to try out their “Death by Chocolate” – it has to be done!

Overall, I would say that this sushi joint is a must-visit in Salamanca. I know you might not be planning to go for Japanese food when in a small Spanish city, however I strongly encourage it – you will not be disappointed.

Gran Vía, 58. 37001 SALAMANCA (Spain)


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