The Best Brunch In Paris

The brunch scene in Paris is certainly expanding rapidly, however I wouldn’t yet say it’s the easiest thing to find on any day other than Sundays. However, after living in the city of love for six months, I managed to scout out the best places for brunch any day of the week.



This is probably the brunch institution of Paris. It is a breakfast diner with super good food and really friendly service. It isn’t cheap, but the portions are generous and it’s a fab atmosphere. I recommend their eggs with a side of halloumi! Also the pancakes are divine. A word of warning if you decide to come here on a Sunday though – they don’t do reservations and it is incredibly popular, so be prepared to wait.

19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010




This is the place for a healthy brunch in Paris. They do açai bowls, paleo banana pancakes and shakshuka, to name but a few. Again, it’s not the cheapest, but their menu is really varied and their smoothies are scrumptious.

18 Rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris

Coffee Club


This one has been a little hit and miss for me – I came here once for brunch on a Saturday and it was divine; I had the dreamiest poached eggs on avocado toast with smoked salmon, and my boyfriend was a huge fan of his huevos rancheros. However, I then brought my brother here for brunch on a weekday and found it quite disappointing. Either way, if you get the food quality and service that I did the first time I visited, you’ll love this place.

87 Rue d’Assas, 75006 Paris

Coutume Café

Scrambled eggs with avocado and mushrooms

This café supplies the coffee to a large number of the independent cafés throughout Paris so it is to be expected that their own café is super trendy and cool. Again, it’s not cheap (notice a trend here?), but it is really good and the dishes are totally customisable. I went for scrambled eggs with sides of avocado mushrooms, which were divine, I have no idea how they did them, (again, notice another trend?), while my brother went for the most incredible looking pancakes.

47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 Paris

Le Pavillon des Canaux


This place is incredibly original, I recommend visiting here at least once during your trip to Paris as it is unlike anything I have been to before. The best way I can describe it is a house that has been converted into a café/restaurant/drinks space, but you really have to see it for yourself. You can sit yourself down and enjoy your drinks or food in any of the rooms, be it the bathroom (you can sit in the bathtub and have your brunch!), the kitchen or one of the bedrooms. It is also in a beautifully tranquil setting right by the canal, so coming here in the summer would be amazing.

39 Quai de la Loire, 75019 Paris 

BigLove Mamma

This Italian place is part of the Big Mamma group (think long queues but delicious pizza – Pink Mamma, Popolare and Ober Mamma to name but a few). The queues are really long on weekends – I tried to go on a Sunday and was told the waiting time would be over two hours! However, their pancakes are honestly dreamy.

 30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris



This is another healthy food institution in Paris. It’s in the Marais, so perfect to start your day off before you wander around this gorgeous area. Their menu is incredibly varied and the space is bright and aesthetically pleasing. I recommend their açai bowl and avocado toast option, where you can get the best of both worlds if you’re feeling too indecisive! Their matcha latté is also a great choice.

1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris

I hope this list helps you if you’re keen for brunch in Paris but not too sure where to head. If you know of any other great gems, definitely let me know!

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