The 5 Best Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day seems to come speeding around the corner before we’ve even realised January is over. But don’t panic – if you’ve forgotten to get your mum something super thoughtful and intricate, these ideas are perfect. They are lovely gifts and will both make your mother’s day as you present it to her, while also improving her life long-term. If you want to spoil the one person in your life who will always pick up the phone, check out my top picks below.

  • Treat her to a massage

This is an oldie but a goodie. It is a crowdpleaser; you can’t go wrong with booking your mum a relaxing yet invigorating massage. Pick a place near her so it is convenient and, if you get her a voucher on Treatwell, she can choose the time and date herself so that is most convenient for her.

  • Book her into a fitness class

Whether your mum is into boxing (definitely give the killer Kobox a go), calming yoga (The Power Yoga Company is unbeatable) or a 1-on-1 PT session, encouraging her to get a workout in is a surefire way to boost her endorphins, while also improving her fitness levels. If your mum is London-based and you’re stuck for ideas on where to treat her, check out my post here rounding up the best workout classes in the big city.

  • Buy her a cookbook


Getting your mum a cookbook is a great way to inspire her in the kitchen and encourage her to cook wholesome, nutritious meals. You can even offer to cook a recipe of her choice with her! My top picks are Clean Eating Alice’s Eat Well Every Day, The Food Medic’s book if you want to provide her with a great foundation about overall nutrition, or Clean and Lean for Life if your mum is more accustomed to healthy cooking and funky ingredients.

  • Take her out for brunch to your favourite place

This takes close to no forward planning – most cute, health-driven cafés don’t even take reservations! But, this way, you’re getting in great quality time with your mum, while treating her to a delicious meal. You could even couple this with a workout class if you’re feeling super sprightly! My top London picks for treating the special lady on the one day all about her would be Megan’s, Lantana (in North and Central London – super Aussie chilled vibes), or The Ivy Chelsea Garden if you do want to book in advance and are feeling more spendy.

  • Make her a wellness hamper

This is a super customisable option, as you can put literally whatever you want into a hamper and present her with it! Stock it up with your favourite wellness items to give her a glimpse into what you’re currently loving. Pick out some herbal tea (Alchimie Thé do incredible loose leaf tea), a calming candle (you can never go wrong with Neom), a silk pillowcase or eye mask (I am currently crushing on these gorgeous ones from Slip) and some healthy snacks (for savoury, head for Emily’s Veg Crisps, or if your mum has more of a sweet tooth like I do, Ombar chocolate is just divine).

  • (A final bonus option – it takes a teeny bit more forward planning): A personalised diary/notebook

I recently discovered this website and think it is a fab for a gift. Getting someone a personalised notebook is incredibly thoughtful and a great little push for them to start journalling, writing to-do lists and generally getting their life together. A further bonus is the gorgeous designs on the site. Check out Papier and you’ll see what I mean!


I hope these ideas are helpful if you’ve forgotten about the quickly-approaching Mother’s Day. All these gifts can be organised last-minute, so are perfect if you’re short on time but you still want to treat your mum to something healthy.


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