My Favourite Self-Care Tips For Your Sunday


Sunday is the best day to chill out, relax and have some real me-time. I have recently really got into “self-care Sundays”, as it sets me up for the busy week ahead and allows me to reflect on the week I have just had. Here are some of my favourite things to do on a Sunday.

  • Make a home cooked meal.

This is really important in my view – the process of making a meal is really calming for me, and gives me a sense of accomplishment, even if it is the only thing I get done that day. This could be a yummy brunch consisting of scrambled eggs with avocado on toast, a delicious warming chilli for dinner, or even baking a satisfyingly sweet banana bread. Those you live with will appreciate this too!

  • Write a to-do list for next week.

Writing a list of tasks for the next week (and prioritising them, if you can) will help clarify things in your mind and allow you to focus on the most important things. It will also ensure that, when you wake up on Monday morning, you will know exactly what you have to get started with and you’ll face the week head on!

  • Meal prep.

This is probably an obvious one, but meal-prepping even just a couple of days ahead, or a couple of ingredients, can make a huge difference and be a real timesaver. You can start small and incrementally increase what you prep in advance: start with roasting some vegetables and sweet potato and cook a huge batch of rice or quinoa. This will give you a sufficient base for any lunch/dinner you’ll need for the week ahead and, trust me, you’ll be glad you set aside that time to do it.

  • Read at least a chapter from a book.

I find reading incredibly relaxing, it also gives me a sense of escapism that I yearn for on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This book could be trashy, fiction or it could be a self-improvement manual. Either way, even reading one chapter of a book will enhance your knowledge and improve your performance, both at work and at home.

  • Go for a walk.

If intense gym sessions on a Sunday aren’t your thing, that’s fine! I think it’s really important to just get some fresh air on a Sunday, to avoid that cooped-up feeling that you might get during the week due to spending so long inside in an office. Getting fresh air allows you to regain perspective and pumps you with endorphins, without needing to break a serious sweat.

  • Journal your thoughts on your past week and your goals for the next week/month/year.

Journalling has totally changed my life – I do it every night and reflect on the day that has just ended, as well as setting goals for the day that is yet to begin (I use the Five Minute Journal, as well as a plain lined notebook to write down what has happened that day more extensively). Doing this on a Sunday is a great first step into making it more of a regular habit. Just start small – write a list of the great things that happened last week, and then write a list of a couple of things you want to improve on from last week. This will undoubtedly lift your mood and instil you with motivation.

  • Be in bed by 11pm and stop looking at screens/social media from 9pm.

This is quite self-explanatory, but getting to bed early on a Sunday night ensures you start your week full of energy and ready to get sh*t done. I often find it really hard to get to sleep, but have noticed significant improvements in the quality of my sleep, and a reduction in the time it takes for me to actually fall asleep, when I totally stop/significantly reduce my screen time after about 9pm. Put your phone on airplane mode, make a herbal tea and lie in bed with the book you want to read a chapter from. Perfect Sunday = sorted.

I hope you practice some of these tips and that they start to positively impact your coming weeks!

What do you do on the weekend to take stock and prepare yourself for the week ahead?

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