The Best Fitness Purchases On Amazon

Amazon has virtually everything you could ever need, so it can become quite overwhelming. I’ve whittled the plethora of products down to a carefully curated selection.

These resistance bands are great – you get five in a pack with different resistance, so you’ll definitely receive one that works great for you. You also get an eBook with stretches/exercises you can do with the bands, which I personally haven’t read, however it could be helpful (?). I love taking these abroad with me so that I can get a great workout in in a hotel room, or for warming up before a workout.



This has changed my workout game. I can carry so much more weight when I use this, either when doing hip thrusts or barbell squats. The pad totally takes away any pain and has fixed the problem of those weird bruises I used to get whenever I did hip thrusts.



These were another game-changer. I can jump around the gym floor or move from one piece of equipment to the next and keep listening to my music. I no longer have to uncomfortably wedge my phone into my leggings to keep the wire of the headphones plugged in; a further plus is the super good sound quality.

As this is an add-on item, you can only purchase it if your cart amounts to over £20. However, it’s a great thing to pick up if there’s something else you need from Amazon too. This shaker is a super great size and avoids clumpiness.


I got my Fitbit off Amazon during the Boxing Day sales, so it is no longer on special offer. Nonetheless, Amazon regularly runs technology-based offers, so keep an eye out for deals.

These also featured in my best leggings post, but I couldn’t not mention them here. They are such great value and amazing quality.



What are your favourite fitness Amazon purchases?

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