My Favourite Healthy Snacks For Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

I hope I’m not the only one who feels the inevitable afternoon slump once it gets to around 4pm and feels the need for a little pick-me-up. However, I prefer to get my sugar highs off of more natural stuff, with better ingredients. I’ve rounded up my favourite healthy snacks on the market, and while there are undoubtedly more sweet choices than savoury (I have an unapologetic sweet tooth), I have made an extra effort to include some savoury options too.

//“>Livia’s Kitchen Salted Date Caramel Raw Millionaire Bites Grab ‘N’ Go (they also come in a larger pot), £1.89 on

I love Livia’s Kitchen products – they taste indulgent yet also are surprisingly nutritious, and I find the grab ‘n’ go packs keep my portions in check while also curbing my sweet cravings. These also come in other flavours, while I would also recommend her Biccy Boms, although I find these to be more fitting as an after-dinner indulgent treat.

//“>The Primal Pantry Hazelnut & Cocoa Paleo Energy Bar, £1.49 on

I really love these bars and have to buy them in bulk to ensure I don’t run out. I love them as a pre-gym snack as they give me a great burst of energy. Granted, the portion size is not very large, however one bar fills me up a surprising amount. The hazelnut and chocolate flavours are reminiscent of uber-healthy Nutella.

Raw Ecstasy Activated Almonds Raw Chocolate, £4.99 on

Don’t be put off by the scary activation title – I think this is just a justification for the rather hefty price tag. Nonetheless, I adore these chocolate-covered almonds; they were my go-to library snack to keep my brain whirring and lift my spirits when exam cramming or stress-writing an essay. The ingredients are also really great (maybe I’m just trying to justify the price to myself too!)

Squirrel Sisters Bar in Cacao Brownie, £2.15 on

This is a really yummy snack bar – they come in two little sticks, so you can almost pretend to yourself that you’re having two brownies! (not really) However though, they do kind of taste like a brownie in terms of the indulgent, chocolatey flavour and are a fab on-the-go snack – quite impressive for no added sugar!

Daylesford Organic Raw Chocolate Goji Berries, £1.99 on

I love Daylesford as a brand, as you know you are getting incredibly high-quality, organic products. These chocolate-covered goji berries are the perfect snack if you are a smidge hungry and need a little something to bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. They are chewy, chocolatey and sweet, all the while tasting healthy and nutritious.

Emily Crunchy Mixed Roots Crisps, £1.23 on

Even though I’m a chocolate addict, I have to admit these veg crisps are really delicious. The use of different root vegetables ensures there is a variety of taste and texture in every pack, while the super good ingredients make me feel great for essentially eating vegetables instead of gorging on chocolate all afternoon.

Vitasnack Raw Zucchini Crunch, £2.55 on

I first found these in Spain, where they are a little cheaper – I must say, £2.55 for dehydrated courgette is a little steep. However, that is literally all it is – courgette, with no added ingredients. So if you don’t have time to dehydrate your own courgette (if you do, I salute you), these snack packs are really great. Plus, they taste surprisingly good.



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