The Best Workout Classes in London

So you want to put all that scrummy food to good use? Look no further than this carefully curated list of the best fitness classes to be found in London. From boxing to yoga, I’ve covered all bases so you can pick and choose depending on your preferences.



Kobox is HARD. Like, “I’m struggling to breathe and I will struggle walking tomorrow” level hard. But it’s good. If you want to get a good workout in and know you’ll be challenged, head here. They do upper body and lower body sessions so you can switch it up and ensure you don’t totally batter either part of your body if you want to do multiple sessions a week. They also have a special intro offer.

CHELSEA: Unit 8-11 Kings Walk, 122 Kings Road, London, SW3 4TR and CITY: 85 London Wall, London, EC2M 7AD

Lomax Blast Class

This might be my all-time favourite class in London. The classes are small, so you get undivided attention from the great trainers, and each class is a little different as the trainers get to tailor the class to whatever they specialise in. The class is divided up into 3/4 circuits, which you repeat 3 times and you usually alternate between doing a weight-based exercise and a body-weight, higher intensity exercise. An example of this would be barbell squats supersetted with squat jumps. They also do a great cool-down stretching session afterwards, which I really appreciate.

CHELSEA: 293 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PZ and CITY: 4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS

The Power Yoga Company

The instructors at The Power Yoga Company know their stuff. They guide you through with their calming but encouraging voices and are not afraid to walk around the room and correct you/help stretch you out if you’ve got a lot of tension. The room is lightly warmed, which gets you sweating but doesn’t take the intensity up to Bikram yoga. I always leave the classes feeling revived but totally relaxed. Their all-levels Vinyasa Flow is my favourite.

11-12 Lettice St, Fulham, London SW6 4EH, UK

Method Movement

This fitness studio runs classes on anything you could ever want. They do boxing, yoga, HIIT and more. I am a personal fan of their yoga sessions – they have a gorgeous outdoor garden (which is covered and heated in the colder months, don’t worry!) which is really relaxing to practice in. However, if you’re keen for a more intense session, they also have you covered.

249 Old Brompton Road, Chelsea, London, SW5 9HP


You’ve probably heard of F45 but, if you haven’t, you should have. These classes are tough – they run one type of class every day and alternate the days between strength and cardio sessions. The strength sessions are great as you have the opportunity to work out which weight you should be using and really challenge yourself, and the trainers are super encouraging and keep you going until the timer is up. The cardio sessions are HARD – you will be dripping with sweat but will undoubtedly feel incredible afterwards.

Multiple locations throughout London, and quickly expanding!


If you want to feel like a ballerina, but also feel the burn, head to Barrecore. I love these classes when I feel like something a little less intense but still want to get a great workout in and mix things up. Don’t let the light weights and resistance bands fool you – you will feel an insane burn! The gorgeous studios also stock yummy treats and lovely workout gear – it is really good quality too.

Studios throughout London

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