The Best Affordable Gym Leggings For When You Just Can’t Bear to Splurge on Lululemon

I know the feeling – you’re scrolling through the Lululemon website and drooling over the gorgeous Aligns and High Times leggings, you’re filling your shopping basket and then you go to the checkout and see the total amounting to over £300 for 3 pairs of leggings and a sports bra… I would love to be able to spend this much on beautiful activewear, however unfortunately right now that’s not an option for me. If you’re in the same boat, my pick of the best high-quality yet affordable gym leggings will be just what you need!

Adanola Leggings, can be found on or on

I LOVE these leggings. I have the “Cropped Legging” in Khaki and they feel so thick and luxurious – there is no chance of VPL in these. I find the waistband really flattering, while the khaki colour accentuates my curves. At around £40 RRP, these are much more affordable than their Lululemon counterparts.

//“>Reebok Capri Leggings, or also on (and student discount!)

I find Reebok a really safe option, as all the leggings of theirs that I have tried have been successful. I particularly love their “Combat Tights” – they are super comfy and are perfect for sweaty workouts as they aren’t too thick. However, they are still completely opaque. Reebok is also easy to get your hands on so a great failsafe option in my view.

//“>Lapasa Leggings,

These were a great discovery – I found them on Amazon and they cost me under £20! I was so pleasantly surprised when these arrived in the post. The fit is so flattering and they aren’t too long so there’s no need to roll them up (an issue I tend to have with cheaper leggings). They even have a clever little inside pocket where you can put your locker key/gym card if need be – and you can get them on Amazon Prime!

//“>Under Armour Crop Leggings,

Another great budget-friendly yet high-quality and reliable brand. I managed to pick up a pair in the ASOS sale for only £15, but they tend to be on offer most of the time. These leggings will be great for summer as they are in a lovely forest green colour and are cropped at a really flattering length, allowing me to get my sweat on without having to shave my legs – win! 

And if you want to splurge a little, but not quite go all-out-Lululemon:

Sweaty Betty is always an amazing option. They also do student discount which helps a little, and I would recommend signing up to their mailing list so you are the first to find out about their sales and can snap up the leggings as soon as the prices drop. Prices start from £45 so are undoubtedly more affordable than Lululemon, however they’re not as affordable as some of the other gems in this post. Nonetheless, they’re definitely worth the investment as the quality is amazing and they have great longevity.



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