The Best ‘Healthy’ Ice Creams on the Market

There has been an undeniable explosion of ‘healthy’ ice creams recently, and it can be a struggle to determine which are actually edible, and which are best to avoid. I have rounded up my favourites:

Frill Intense Chocolate, £4.99 on

This ice cream markets itself as a ‘smoothie’, however I would recommend to take it out of the freezer around 10 minutes before you wish to consume it to ensure it has the creamy consistency you desire of an ice cream. If you like dark chocolate, like I do, you will love this ice cream – it is rich and feels very indulgent, and with only 70kcals per 100ml, it is a far better option than calorie-laden Ben&Jerry’s.

Oppo Colombian Chocolate and Hazelnut, £4.99 on

The best way I can describe this ice cream is NUTELLA. When my brother and I first tried this ice cream, neither of us could believe what we had just tasted, and the fact it contains only 85kcal per 100ml! Granted, the ingredients are not as ‘clean’ as Frill, however I would say the consistency and taste is closer to ‘normal’ ice cream than its counterpart.

CoFro Soft Serve Frozen Coconut Yogurt Natural, £5.29 on

This is a little different – it is much lighter and sweeter than the others, however still is refined sugar free and vegan friendly. The coconut flavour would make it the perfect for accompaniment while lounging in the garden in the summer months, or with a fruity cocktail to round off a meal. Created by blogger/entrepeneur London Paleo Girl, I wholeheartedly support this clever initiative.

The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate Dipped Snowconut Sticks, was £4.29, now 25% off at

These are the perfect alternative to your Cornetto or Magnum, and taste just as delicious. I can also imagine that they would be great for kids as come individually packaged and are satisfying enough for after dinner or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, just like your Magnums.

Side note: I have not yet tried Halo Top, which has just launched in the UK, so watch this space…



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