The Best Granolas On The Market

I’m a self-confessed granola fiend. Whether it’s on top of yoghurt in the morning, ice cream in the evening or shamelessly straight out of the packet, I’ve been there, done that. However, not all granolas are created equally. I have selected my favourites out of the ever-growing selection on the market.

Spoon Cereals Dark Chocolate Granola, £3.89 for 400g on

I love this granola – it is not too sweet but the clusters with almonds are perfect as a topping for yoghurt, or just straight out of the box… There are also little chunks of dark chocolate within the granola which adds to its indulgent taste.

Rude Health Cacao and Vanilla Granola, £4 for 450g on

This granola is not the clusteriest of all, however it is perfectly sweet, and the cacao nibs pack a nutritional punch. Another bonus is the price point – granola does not come cheap, however this one is not too extortionate as you get a fair amount for the price you pay.

Dorset Cereals Honey Granola, currently reduced to £3 for 500g on

This is definitely the best-value option granola and is deliciously nutty and sweet. The different variety of nuts used in the recipe means every handful tastes a little different!

Just Live A Little //“>Whole Almond Granola, currently reduced to £3.19 for 400g on

love almonds, so this granola is one of my non-chocolate favourites. It is quite sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, and goes perfectly with almond milk.

Profusion Organic //“>Chia, Coconut & Cacao Nib Granola, £4.99 for 350g on

The combination of coconut and cacao nib works perfectly in this granola, with the chia seeds upping the nutritional value of your breakfast. Plus, it’s organic and has no refined sugars!

The Paleo Foods Co //“>Cocoa and Hazel Grain-Free Granola, £5.99 for 340g on

This is a great option if you follow a paleo-based diet but still want the satisfaction of a tasty granola. However, the price is rather steep, and it is all too easy to mindlessly shove handfuls of this granola into your mouth before you realise the packet is almost empty… In my defence, the bag is quite small! Despite this, it is incredibly yummy, with the cocoa and hazelnut creating a Nutella-esque taste sensation.


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