Judy’s: A Healthy Café in Paris’ Latin Quarter

IMG_7562Judy’s became somewhat a go-to spot for me during my time living in Paris. While the menu is pricey (which you’re likely to find wherever you head in Paris), the ingredients are great and the coffee is delicious.

You will find a constant flow of expats chilling here, either taking their visitors who keenly Insta-story the aesthetically-pleasing decor, or meeting other like-minded expats for a long-needed moan about the rudeness of Parisians. No fear though, as the baristas here are lovely and have no issue with you setting up camp in front of your laptop for a while.

My favourites on the menu include the shakshouka (a decently-sized portion, particularly given the measly portion sizes I was used to in Paris) and the banana pancakes (these are more measly-sized, however are drenched in delicious maple syrup). Drinks-wise, their matcha green tea packs a punch but leaves you energised without the coffee jitters.

In sum, a great spot to head to if you’re in need of a healthy brunch after one too many steak tartares and fries.



Judy’s: 18 Rue de Fleurus, 75006 Paris, France, https://www.judy-paris.com/



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